Neodymium Super Magnets - Strongest Magnets in the World

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Sintered NdFeB magnet, Ferrite magnet, SmCo magnet

Sintered NdFeB magnet

Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material, discovered in 1983 as the third generation of rare- earth permanent magnet, is the strongest magnet in the world.
Mainly made from rare earth Neodymium-Iron-Boron.
With high residual magnetism, high coercive force and high magnetic energy product.
Can be coated by white Zinc, color Zinc, Nickel, Nickel-Cu-Nickel, Gold, Passivated, and Epoxy.
Those coatings can protect the magnet and against oxidization.

Can be machined by grinding, electronic wire cutting, cutting, drilling methods and so on.

Sintered Ferrite magnet
Mainly made from Fe2O3, BaCo3 or SrCo3 metallic powders. 
There are two types : One is isotropic magnet and the other is anisotropic magnet.(anisotropic magnet included the dry compression and wet compression). 
The property included the corruptive is very high, not easy to demagnetize. The normal tolerance is +/-2%, after process, the tolerance can be +/-0.05%. 

Sintered SmCo magnet
Sintered SmCo magnet is a sintered smco rare earth magnet with high magnetic powder, low temperature coefficient. The biggest advantage is that it won't reduction of magnetic power, when it is on 350 degree temperature. 
When it works above 180 degree temperature, its magnetic power and reliability are better than the NdFeB magnet. It is a bit lower magnetic power than NdFeB magnet, but it need to no electroplating. Because it has wide using range, it is applied in aerosol products, the concise machines and high-technology areas.